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Our vision is that all young people have an open pathway to mental wellbeing.

The Wild Mind Project, originally established as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, is now part of Impact Initiatives. Our mission is to support young people’s emotional and mental wellbeing through nature-focused interventions, creative activities and peer support.

Our programmes are fully funded, and so are free to attend.

Who we support

Our programmes support the emotional and mental wellbeing of young people, usually aged between 16 and 25. We run programmes specifically to support the young LGBTQ+ community for ages 11 to 15 and 16 to 25. Occasionally, we run programmes for particularly vulnerable groups, such as young people with mild to moderate learning disabilities or young carers.

Why it’s important

According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the UK is in the grip of a mental health crisis with young people worst affected. NHS figures show that there has been a 50% rise over the last three years in the number of young people requiring mental health support. The NHS is overwhelmed, resulting in a quarter of a million children in the UK unable to get NHS help and an average waiting time of 21 weeks for a first appointment.

Our impact

The Wild Mind Project offers an alternative pathway for mental wellbeing.  Through nature connection, creativity and mindfulness, we increase young people’s sense of wellbeing, helping them to feel valued, optimistic and resilient. University College London evaluates our programmes and has found our data to show a consistent and significant increase in wellbeing for the young people who attend our programmes.

Our programmes

The Wild Mind Project has designed programmes that improve young people’s connectedness to nature. The unique combination of nature interventions, creative activities, mindful exercises and peer support can benefit mental health considerably. Our programmes can complement or offer an alternative to therapy.

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The Wild Mind Project is completely free, so any donated funds will be directly reinvested to supporting our work with young people. Thank you for your support!