Creativity in Nature

A FREE Programme for Young People (aged 16-25) - strengthen your emotional wellbeing by engaging in Nature and creative activities - Brighton

The benefits of being outside in nature are plentiful – stress alleviation, relaxation and the reduction in symptoms of depression are just a few. It also helps social interaction so you make friends more easily and feel less isolated. 

Why don’t you join us for three weekly FREE 2-hour sessions. Slow down and reconnect with yourself and your environment in this nature-based, discovery led programme.

Typical activities include walks, some light conservation work or gardening. This would be combined with a range of creative activities such as painting, weaving, lino cutting, tie-dye or cooking on an open fire. There will be time to talk and share collective struggles if you wish to.


“I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you for the recent programme my daughter Mel attended. Mel has been struggling of late, she was un-motivated and was struggling to find happiness in things she previously had passions for. Having started your programmes, I could see almost instantly she was re-engaged with her art, she became a lot more talkative with me, we spoke a lot about how she made the artwork, how the process was and how she was getting on. This was a massive shift in how Mel was on a day-to-day basis, she has always previously been very creative and enjoyed painting and photography, having just finished the four-week programme, she has picked up her camera again and actively asked for painting materials. I simply can’t thank everyone enough, your project has given me glimpses of my daughter again” 

.. quote from the parent of a young person who attended our programme.

“The programme has helped me see more of me and less of my disorder. It brought back my identity, as I remembered I have interests that I thought I lost due to my disorder. It helped me refocus on a task, activity or learning process and had a really positive impact on my wellbeing ” 

“The concept is amazing, the activities are really enriching and really well thought out. The mixture of learning, creating and then sharing was really stimulating to engage my anxious mind”

… quotes from young people who have attended our programmes.

PRICE: Free of charge.

DATESSun 6th March to Sun 20th March 2022

TIME:  1.45pm-3.45pm 

LOCATIONS:  Centre for Ecotherapy, Stanmer Park, Brighton (bus 78).

BOOKINGS: If you would like to book a place then please complete our Online Booking Form,

Professionals – please complete our online Referral Form.

If you would like any further information then please do call us on 01273 230102 or email

We are very grateful to the Sussex Community Foundation for generously funding this programme and to the Centre for Ecotherapy for their support. Thank you!

Nature is pleased with simplicity

Isaac Newton