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You are not alone

So many parents and carers ask the question “is this normal teenage behaviour or is something wrong?”, but trust your own judgement, the chances are that you will know when something is not right and you need to act on it.

Sadly, rates of mental ill-health in young people are increasing dramatically. NHS figures show a 30% rise in the number of under-18s in England who have been in contact with mental health, learning disability and autism services since the pre-pandemic year, so talk and LISTEN to your young person. If they won’t talk to you, encourage them to talk to someone else – a trusted teacher, their GP, an online helpline or an organisation like us – see our useful links page.

The Founder of The Wild Mind Project has been there, so she understands just how isolated you might feel.

Guide to helping your young person cope with mental ill-health

Guide to talking about mental health with your teen.

Link to a website with  Help for Parents 

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.