help for parents and carers

You are not alone

So many parents and carers ask the question “is this normal teenage behaviour or is something wrong?”, but trust your own deep down judgement, the chances are that you will know when something is not right and you need to act on it.

Sadly rates of anxiety and depression in young people have doubled since the 1980’s so talk and LISTEN to your young person, if they will. If they won’t talk to you, encourage them to talk to someone else – a trusted teacher, their GP or an online helpline – see our useful links page.

The Founder of The Wild Mind Project has been there, so she understands how isolated you might feel.

Guide to helping your teen cope with mental health issues.

Guide to talking about mental health with your teen.

Link to Help for Parents website

How we can help

We understand how very stressful having a child with mental health challenges can be. You are asking yourself “What have I done wrong”, “what should I do”, “where can I get help”. 

The Wild Mind Project runs informal sessions for parents and carers, in a safe and supportive environment, where we can share our concerns.  We offer support through a range of creative and nature based activities, designed to improve emotional wellbeing, strengthen relationships, and learn coping stratagies.

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What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.