How we can help families and carers

The Wild Mind Project takes a systemic approach to wellbeing.  This ethos is highlighted in our mission to awaken care for ourselves, for each other and our planet. We understand the need for parents and carers to refuel themselves as they refuel those in their care. Over one’s lifespan, research indicates a dip in wellbeing between the ages of 35 and 50, a life phase when we tend to prioritise the needs of both our parents and our children over ourselves.

In response to this need,  our projects and workshops help parents reconnect with themselves, by creatively exploring themes of personal meaning, enjoyment, empowerment and by building positive community experiences.


Hyde, A. L., Maher, J. P., & Elavsky, S. (2013). Enhancing our understanding of physical activity and subjective well-being with a lifespan perspective. International Journal of Wellbeing. 3(1): 98-115.

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“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.”

Walter Anderson