LGBTQ+ wellbeing support

FREE Emotional & Mental Wellbeing Support For The Young LGBTQ+ Community (aged 16-25)

Being a young person who identifies as LGBTQ+, might mean that some of the things you have experienced in your life have negatively impacted on your mental health. Perhaps you may be exploring your gender identity or sexuality, and feel isolated. 

The Wild Mind Project offers a range of nature and creative activities, and a safe space to share your thoughts or feelings with other LGBTQ+ young people, who are probably experiencing the same emotions or share the same worries as you.

An ever growing body of research shows that nature can help anxiety and depression, and creative activities help you relax and allows you to express yourself without judgment. Importantly you will have the opportunity to meet a group of new supportive friends.

A typical session might include a walk in nature, conservation work, foraging or gardening. This is combined with a range of creative activities such as plant based dyeing, needle felting, drawing, whittling, lino cutting, clay modelling or cooking on an open fire. And of course, we talk. You can share your thoughts and experiences or just listen. 

Comments by young people who have attended our programmes.

” It has been amazing to do the sessions as it is really calm and relaxing. Being in nature has allowed time to unwind and socialising with fellow LGBTQ+ people has been lovely!”

“Ever since my childhood, I have been unfortunately plagued by a numerous amount of issues regarding my mental health.  I was struggling to wake up in the morning and to even find a purpose in anything at all. Being transgender in this day, still comes with unfortunate discriminations. This negatively impacts my mental health. In January, things took a positive turn. After spending years with CAMHS and feeling so done with everything, I was given the opportunity to meet up with likeminded people in a programme run by The Wild Mind Project. At first I was worried that it wouldn’t work out well, but as I ventured into my first session, I already felt so safe and warm, something I have never felt in my entire life, as I never had friends. From this, I found the purpose I have been severely lacking in my life from almost the very start, and I finally realised how amazing it feels to be loved, and to matter to those around you, while also being able to discuss important issues about gender identity, equality and so much more beyond those lines.”

“I know other queer people now and have been able to do creative projects. I loved doing water marbling, felting and bundle dyeing. This has made me more enthusiastic about trying new artistic things”

“It’s been really good meeting other LGBTQ+ young people and having a regular commitment. It’s been really cool meeting other autistic people as well because it can be quite hard to find other people”

“I experience homophobia and transphobia at work so it’s nice to have a place where I feel safe and accepted. The activities are fun and the meditations really help”


Price: FREE of charge.

Dates: Running weekly from Sunday 23rd April to Sunday 14th May 2023 (NOT including bank holiday weekend 30th April) from 10.30am to 12.30pm. SORRY THIS PROGRAMME IS NOW FULL

Location: Stanmer Organics, Stanmer Park, Brighton, BN1 9PZ.

This programme is suitable for 16-25-year-olds. Sorry but this location is NOT suitable for WHEELCHAIR ACCESS.

If the weather is poor, we will move to an indoor space at the near by One Garden.


Price: FREE of charge.

Dates: Running weekly from Sunday 19th Mar to Sun 16th April (NOT including 9th Apr Easter Sunday), from 11am to 1pm. 

Location: Marble Hill Park and Heatham House, Twickenham.

This programme is suitable for 15-25-year-olds.

How To Book:

Please complete our Online Booking Form  to confirm your place.

Professionals – for enquiries please complete our Referral Form , contact us by email  or phone 01273 230102.

The Wild Mind Project are very grateful to Heathrow Community Trust and Focus Foundation for providing funding for these programmes, and to One Garden and English Heritage at Marble Hill Park for their support. 

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